•  Masala Bhangra Instructor Training.

 •  Zumba Jam Session.

Specialised workout deals for the one's who Live Work, Laugh Work & Talk Work.

Easy to follow diet plans by are very own Nutritionist

The Studio

We, at Zink Fitness studio, believe in providing brand new alternate fitness routines that are a refreshing break from age old fitness routines. Delivering a lifestyle of social fitness since 2013 where its all about having fun as you get to the body you desire.At Zink,we truly believe that working out is not a chore but a fun filled routine that keeps you wanting to come back for more.Its about making friends as you get fit or getting fit with your friends.

At Zink,we ensure no two workout days are same as we provide dance based fitness programmes and fun filled strengthening and toning workouts.Our workouts are open to all age groups and fitness levels with a basic aim of making fitness an addictive and fun filled lifestyle.Welcome to the habit called Zink!

Group Fitness
Working out is fun when your friends work out with you. We specialize in group fitness classes with the freshest new workouts like Zumba, Masala Bhangra Workout, Bootcamp Workout and many more...
Personalised Training
We believe that everyone and everybody is different. We provide you with our tailor made personalized training programs that will help you reach your fitness goals whether it's about losing weight, building lean muscle or just looking good.
The latest fitness craze for your little ones – Zumba Kids and Kids Junior! Now get the kids moving and coming back to our classes with every fun filled session without making them feel that they are coming to a fitness class.
We have professional dance classes for Belly Dance and Latin Dance that are taught by our extensively trained instructors in easy-to –follow methods.
Zink Nutrition
We at Z ink Fitness Studio, provide you holistic nutritional advice that will help you not just lose weight, but help make the revised diet plan, a part of your daily life. Like they say, what you eat in private is what you wear in public!