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I am a software engineer and a mother of two children. I was tired of my stressful and unhealthy routines. I decided to explore the fitness options around to heal myself. One fine day I came to know about the ZINK Fitness Studio. I visited and understood the concept. All other fitness joints I visited until then were having same kind of monotonous setup with heavy machines, ZINK impressed me with its UNIQUE style to get FIT with no machines. Set of wonderful cardio and strengthening sessions with the energetic instructors truly changed me from what I was and what I am today. I am now fitter, stronger and healthier.

Thanks to ZINK Fitness Studio !!

Swatee Agrawal, 36
Software Engineer


I've Been a regular gym goer for last 7 years now & have always explored new ways to keep myself fit & healthy.
But after the day long of work, stress & Struggle in this corporate culture, It isn't just important for physical but mental well being to devote atleast an hour to one's health.
I have been a member of Zink for last 8 months now and I have to have to admit that in my 7 years of gymming, aerobics, kick boxing & so on This is the Ultimate Fitness Program I have followed.
The Classes are so energetic, powerful & interactive that I look forward to this in my days schedule. The best Part is apart from Zumba there is Masala Bhangra & bootcamp as well in your workout regime. All the 3 programs are flatteringly refreshing & brilliantly taught. And as they say after each work out you don't sweat, You glisten.
I am an ardent follower of ZFS, so much so that I do not mind juggling between the office hour traffic of Delhi for the classes. As it is all worth the battle when you love to glisten away to glory every single day!
I wish them all the very best now & always.

Ridhima sachdeva, 25
Fashion Designer


I was one of the first people to join Zink Studio last year with no idea about what Zumba was! But once I met Nupur ,the energetic and encouraging Zumba trainer,I was reassured. She made me forget my age,made me discover music and rhythm again and I began loosing weight and toning up! Nupur as a trainer is very encouraging,takes you through your movements with ease and yet never lets you slack for a second. Working out at Zink with her has been a very rewarding experience both physically and mentally.
Then I was introduced to the Boot Camp session with Karan. What an excellent workout that was. He makes a very difficult workout seem achievable and takes you through the exercises very gently till you have the confidence that you can do it. Soon you are lifting weights ,doing burpees and a combination of exercises that work every muscle of your body. Yet unlike the gym Karan's workout sessions are never boring and he has something interesting planned out for the group each time.
At Zink Studio one gets a complete workout,without it ever getting boring. You don't have to use the same workout machines and yet both your body and mind get the best workout possible thanks to this dynamic duo.

Joyita Bhattacharya, 49
Special needs teacher


"Don't Loose Faith..you got this" I don't know who said these words but my Zumba trainer, Nupur certainly makes me feel like this.
Nupur is an inspirational trainer, her patience, skill and understanding has helped me loose weight, feel younger and set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her technique inspires confidence and self belief. I am now doing Zumba at a level that I would not have thought possible six months ago. I look forward to each session and each session is different to the last.
I am pleased with the improvement both in fitness and general health that I have achieved. Her routines have worked well for me and it has also been a benefit that she has always adapted and changed what we do to keep it interesting
She is a knowledgeable trainer, very approachable, and provides lots of encouragement without being over bearing. She listens to our requirements and amends her routines accordingly. We have made great progress over the last 9 months, have grown to really enjoy the sessions, and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Zink Fitness Studio to other people. Zink Fitness Studio believes that working out shouldn't be done like a Chore, one needs to have fun doing it.
On a lighter note all I'd like to say is thank you for every push and for that extra mile that you guys at Zink Fitness Studio make me do. Here's a big hug for all the lives you're changing with just one session at a time..Cheers!!!!

Aashima shetty, 29